Saphenability: Final event of the sustainability program

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Since April 2022, we have been supporting companies and startups in formulating their sustainability program on behalf of Saphenus Medizintechnik GmbH. Last week, the companies presented the first findings and results of their joint work.

The climate crisis demands transformation – in many areas. But especially in business. Capitalist growth maxims still dominate over the common good, and this is not possible on a planet with limited resources. Correspondingly, companies are sitting at a very effective lever for necessary transformation processes in the economy and society.

To illustrate, according to a report by the NGO Carbon Disclosure Project, only 100 companies emit more than 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. And more than half of industrial emissions are attributable to just 25 corporations. A rethink in industry and business is therefore central to successfully tackling the climate crisis.

The Saphenability sustainability program: From companies for companies

For this reason, we have been accompanying four companies and startups since April 2022 on behalf of Saphenus Medizintechnik GmbH in formulating their sustainability program. The Wiener Neustadt-based company accent, the sustainable aquaculture company Blue Planet Ecosystems, the startup Yuniti and the Upper Austrian organic farm Speck-Alm participated.

In an intensive exchange with the group and our sustainability experts, companies were guided to formulate relevant SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals) as well as a common definition of the term sustainability. Targets for sustainable management were set and will be put down on paper in the form of a sustainability report in the next step. The methodology of the sustainability program follows the Wellbeing Project: A Methodology curated by the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Romes in cooperation with UniNEtZ. The methodology works closely from a footprint perspective and with concepts from common good and doughnut economics. You can read more about the method, approach and procedure of the workshop series here.

Resonance: The companies present their results

Last Thursday, the companies presented their results. From relevant goals and key successes to obstacles and stumbling blocks, the companies were very honest and positive about their participation in the course. “The topic of sustainability will become more and more important” tells Doris Spielacher from accent. “We were able to measure the first relevant figures of our footprint as a company and from this we now have quite a good direction. Where can we go from here? That was already very interesting.”

Doris Steinacher (accent) presents the results of the sustainability program

A major challenge for companies already arises in the definition of sustainability, explains Bettina Stockinger of Blue Planet Ecosystems. “If you want to do business internationally as a company, the concept of sustainability is difficult to define. Every flight has weight, but these are necessary if you also want to have a global impact. That’s a challenge for many companies.”

Thinking about this definition together and defining concrete goals was the reason Stockinger and the team behind Blue Planet Ecosystems participated in the program. “We learned a lot of things. We were able to gain a corporate understanding of how we define sustainability and what goals we need to set for it.”

Written by Olivia Leth, 01.12.2022

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