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cooppa, the cooperative press agency and media cooperative, is an association of dedicated journalists and organisations with the aim of disseminating topics surrounding a transition toward a sustainable society in a constructive, positive and impact-oriented way.

cooppa supports businesses and organisations with journalistic pieces (texts, photos and audiovisual formats) about their contents and activities and organises the distribution within civil society media and beyond.

cooppa finds it important to:

  • disseminate information about the activities for a “Great Transformation” in this community,
  • create information in a participative way,
  • establish cooperation within the community, and
  • send information to other milieus.

Since its foundation, 20 journalists from Austria and Germany have become members of cooppa.Up to now more than 100 (German-language) articles (text, photos and video) have been published online. We are in the process of extending our work to contributions in English.

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